The AstroNots (ft. Jay Saif)


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Official Single to Cazzie Jetson's second album "Son of My Mother" produced by George Young



How many ladies in the house got boyfriends
How many ladies in the house got more friends/

I am Mr. Cazzington
Welcome to my atmosphere-
Ruler of the universe and that is clear/

We are the astronauts-
We are the rocketeers
Look for me in this world
But I am not in here/

We are the astroNOTS
We are the astroNOTS
We are the astroNOTS
We are the astroNOTS

(Verse 1)

We are the astroNOTS
One step for mankind-
Aliens step here and cannot say mans kind/

Trapped on this fxcked planet, impregnated by hatin-
I guess I settle for kids
And I'll marry Sanaa Lathan/

Back up on that BS-
You see us
Cuz we just
Look for a good time like

Hard times got me on some typa shxt-
Cops ask did I pack a bag
Cuz its obvious I'm gone on some type of trip/

Usin Sony Acid-
Stop over reactin
I'm reachin for the Sun……..
I guess it’s a solar Attraction/

I go for the Goldar like Mighty Morphin-
And meet the Sun when it comes tomorrow just like that orphan…./


(Verse 2) (Jay Saif)

We are the astroNOTS
Cause haters try to blow my high-
But see these haters hate for free
So I just Pay 'em no mind/

Oh lets go it's show time
Cazzie know cause he co-signed-
It seems I'm a rookie on the field
but a Veteran at the goal line/

Walkin through the city
wit my fitted and my Nikes on
Every beat's a canvas, I'm just illustrating-
Yep, I'm drawn/

Its been oh so long-
Cuz I've been oh so gone-
but I'm headed to the top wit ya girl call me King Kong/

Somebody tell these haters
imma blow like a land mine-
Get far ike a cell
You gone stay here like landline/

Haters see me wit money-
and they want it cuz I'm on it-
We In the world where if I had the ring of Saturn
I would pawn it/

I dont aint time for you posers-
You wastin time and money
like you bought a watch and broke it/

Talkin shit about me
you doubt me
claimin you Get Cash
but trust me you dont get it like a fat chick no ass/


(Verse 3) (Cazzie)

We are the astroNOTS-
Apollo 13
Cobain spirit-
Seeing through the eyes that Kurt seen………/

At the moment that he pulled the trigger-
Go figure
We kill ourselves by fittin the format of the nigga/

I aint preachin…………
I'm teachin them kidssssssssss…..
While Diddy Kongs and Eddie Longs
Are teachin them fibsssssssss/

And I aint talkin bout Sean Combs I'm talkin bout monkeys
fuck em
The world should be aware I've gone nutsy
So suck emmmmm/

Is that vulgar?
I aint care to notice
But know this
I'm from the cold ocean like Go Fish…/

Its ice in my veins
But your spite is in vain-
Inspired by higher beings
You're fightin fire with flames……...


released October 30, 2010
J. Chandler, J. Harrison, G. Young




CAZZIE Philadelphia

CAZZIE (formerly known as Cazzie Jetson) is an up-&-coming musician and clothing designer from Philadelphia. His music skills range from hip-hop to production, and even engineering. Cazzie began his musical journey in 2009 with his cousin as the Delinquents. Three years, five mixtapes and 3 albums later, The Two Delinquents" are now 7 members strong as"purpVarsity". ... more

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